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Often referred to by their stage names, Scottish Pirate Captain Horatio MacScurvy (Allen) and his First Mate Sassafras (Bridget) own and operate the entire MacDudley Dragon Games experience. The games are fun to play, provide a historical look at the Renaissance culture, and most notably promote disability awareness. Each game focuses on a different physical challenge that you must overcome in order to find success.


MacDudley Dragon Entertainment LLC was developed from their own personal experiences with disability. Allen was inspired by his father who managed to operate a hundred acre farm having had both a prosthetic arm and leg. Bridget’s inspiration comes from her every day accomplishments in the wake of being visually impaired.




You can find MacDudley Dragon Games at an event near you. So, come out and play a game with them and remember never giving up is the best road to success.


Featured Games

  • Our games offer entertainment, education and promote disability awareness.
  • All games can be catered to meet your venue.
  • Please contact us about other available games not listed here.
  • Contact us for event pricing options.


Challenges: Vision through other senses

Disabilities: Blindness​, Visual impairment

The object of the game is to pick 6 ducks while blindfolded and then place them down where First Mate Sassafras is tapping. If ye match more than two of the numbers printed on the bottom of the ducks, ye win a prize!


Challenges: Balance

Disabilities: Cerebral Palsy (CP)

​From the plank end, a player must throw bean bags through one of the skull holes. For each successful throw, ye step back onto the plank. The further back ye are, the bigger the prize!


Challenges: Hand-eye coordination

Disabilities: Cerebral Palsy, Optic Disorders

This ship is captained by none other than Wallace MacDudley, the dyslexic sea serpent, and his wacky crew. With an air cannon, knock the crew from the ship. The more men overboard, the more ye will win! Cap’n Wallace MacDudley is fond of sayin. “Down is up, Up is down, Right is left and Left is right.” CLICK HERE FOR SOME VIDEO.


Challenges: Memory

Disabilities: ADHD, Autism

​Test ye skill against the captain. Match as many wooden tiles as ye can in three minutes. Cap’n Horatio MacScurvy has never won a game, don’t break his record now!


Challenges: Depth perception, hand-eye coordination

Disabilities: Ocular disorders

Siege the castle: whack away at the guards with a tripod mounted sling-shot, bring down the draw bridge and defeat the Laird of the castle. You’re the new Laird until another challenger has seized the castle. CHECK OUT OUR GALLERY.

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Aonghus (MacDudley Dragon Entertainment Mascot) would like to invite you to sail with us on a fun filled adventure of exciting interactive games set in the historical period of pirates and along the way learn how to draw on special skills in order to overcome difficult obstacles just like so many individuals with physical disabilities must do every day.

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“The games are wonderful to play and reasonably priced”   S. McDonald

“If you are at a Faire and you see MacDudley’s, I strongly encourage you to stop and play…Fun for all Ages.”   A. Peters

“A Charming an Innovative way to teach individuals about disabilities”   C. Bloom

“I couldn’t stop playing Pirate’s plunder and Walk the plank”   J. Clark


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