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MacDudley’s Midsummer Fest TM


It is with our deepest sorrow that we have had to not only cancel

this year’s (2022) MacDudley’s Midsummer Fest, but through some

technical difficulties, it didn’t make it on the website in time to let

people know. We also humbly apologize in all regards to people who

have traveled near and far to visit our humble meadow where disabled

and non-disabled can come together in peace, love, joy and harmony. We

home you will join jus for our next season in June of 2023 for the coming

together of different people from all walks of life to celebrate the joy of

not only school being let out for the summer but to partake in the beginning

of summer vacation.


MacDudley's Midsummer Fest TM 2022

We are accepting applications for this event at this time.

Bringing awareness to disabilities through interactive games and entertainment, a for-profit company dedicated to helping others with different disabilities. Macdudley Dragon Entertainment LLC is dedicated to showing people with disabilities that there are different avenues of employment opportunities out there through different events.

June 18 & 19 2022
Saturday and Sunday 10am-6:00pm
Flesher Field
3664 S. 9th Street Kalamazoo MI 49009

Established in June 2021 Dail (Scottish word for meadow) at first glance looks like a regular meadow. However, don’t let this quiet meadow deceive you because it is a magical place where different creatures can mingle with humans as they sell their wares and listen to music while being entertained with all manner of acts! For one magical weekend disabled and the non-disabled come together in peace, joy, and harmony. MacDudley Dragon Entertainment LLC TM, brings awareness to disabilities by striving to showcase wonderful and unique performances as well as rare and beautiful homemade crafted items where disabled and non-disabled can sell their wares at MacDudley’s Midsummer Fest TM.

Gate Ticket Info

$8 each day

$12 weekend pass

$18 combo 1 day pass and 1 weekend pass

Senior Citizens 55 and older with ID  – $4 per person

Veterans, Military & First Responders (Police, Fire & EMTs) with ID – Free

High School (15 to 18) and College students with IDs – $3 per person

Kids 0 to 12 -Free

Kids 13 to 14 – $2 per person

The Naughty Show - Saturday Night - June 18, 2022

MacDudley’s Naughty Bawdy Bodacious Bad Behavior Show Friar Finnegan

Ticket $11.00

6:00 pm

Flesher Field 3664 S. 9th Street
Kalamazoo, MI  49009

Join us under the big tent for an hour of bodacious singing and entertainment. Weapons must be peacetied. No concealed carry or firearms or weapons. No photography or video allowed unless granted permission by performers. 18+ only. No children. Alcohol and drug free event.

MacDudley's Mdsummer Fest on the Map

MacDudley's Midsummer Fest TM 2022


***This section is in transition and updating***

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